Who we are:
Somersworth SAPY is a group of students who are actively working to tackle the problem of drug and alcohol abuse in our community. We come from all types of backgrounds, with one thing in common: We Care About Our Community.

We believe drug-free community events help us accomplish our goals, and give us a chance to connect with the community. You'll often catch us running some cool activities!

What we do:
We participate in a WIDE variety of activities throughout the year to promote education and healthy activities in our community.Every year students and advisors collaborate to find new direction and projects that they want to work on.

How to get involved:
Students at the middle school should see Ms. Hahn or Ms. Turcotte for more info. Students at the high school should see Ms. White. Groups meet weekly on Tuesdays!

Join Our Events :

Sticker Shock:

We go to local alcohol retailers and put warning stickers on EVERYTHING...okay mostly just beer.

Samantha the Skunk:

We dress up in costumes and teach the little cuties at the elementary schools about safety with medicine and tobacco

Community Events:

We are often at local events interacting with community members...we like topaint faces...alot.

Changing Policies:

Yeah,sometimes we like to write ordinances(local laws),or go to Concord to advocate for certain RSAs(state laws), because we know that policies can have a huge impact on substance use.

On the Radio:

We love to record educational PSAs and share our beautiful voices with the world.

Listen to our lastest clips:

These youth members are invaluable, promoting education, affecting policy, and impacting our environment. Take this information with you by downloading our brochure, here